After having lived in Hong Kong for over two years, I’ve realized that I haven’t eaten that much local food here except for the very occasional Dim Sum brunches when we have some friends visiting us in town.

To be honest I have never been the biggest fan of Chinese food and I’m more on the “pasta, steak , veggies on the grill, salad, soup,bread and a glass of wine under a dim candle light” type of person when it comes to a meal.

But hey let’s leave prejudice aside at times and give things some chance!!

And the consequence??!!
Pure success!!!! Food was great with great company. I couldn’t have asked for more 🙂

Chinese hot pot in Wan Chai.
“Teck Hsin Restaurant” 9-13 Obrien Road , Wan Chai, Hong Kong





Not to mention, I couldn’t get enough the coriander and green onions!

So here’s my new years resolution. Explore more 🙂

Till next time!