It didn’t take me that long to decide where to go for our 5th year anniversary. I knew what I wanted —my all time favorite OYSTERS!!

And then the next step was to think of the venue. Either A) go rather upscale and do the seafood and oyster bar at the Sheraton Hotel. or B) go easier on the budget yet aim for the same or higher level of deliciousness.

taking into account that we did a good spending for our valentines day celebration and that we both still have our tuition fees to take care of :p ..we knew we had to take the latter choice.

Did I just make it sound like it was such a reluctant choice ? well if so, I’m for sure the one to blame. That place does some magic! Now I know why it had such great reviews on Open Rice (restaurant rating site…not sure if it exists outside of hong kong?).

The place is called “Open Oysters”–A tiny place on Mody Road in Tsim Sha Tsui . it’s actually on a small street near Mody road sandwiched by some buildings , so it’s a little hard to find the place .

But once you find the place and get yourself seated , all thats awaiting you are : good oysters of great variety, good selection of wine, and surprisingly good stuff from the grill . I forgot to take pictures of the beef steak cubes and lamb sausages , but they were good.

Oh how I wish Oysters could be something I eat everyday. Just like rice or bread, if you know what I’m trying to say.






thank you oysters.
life is not the same without you guys!